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I’m so glad you added this. I’m quitting my current from this website and ‘Candida Cleanse’ package I was using which used psyllium husk and switching over to the protocol recommended here in the forum as you guys have more facts and info behind this one as well as the ongoing support and info and questions answered. So my new plan is to do the protocol. Use Swedish bitters. Use the vitamins recommended. Use the molybdenum and continue the milk thistle. Thank god I can now have eggs. Day 6 and feeling weakens a bit dizzy. Nauseous in the am and stomach generally ‘off’ making eating in the am hard at all. Molybdenum started last night thank god so hopefully an end in sight. Here’s my Swedish bitters question: I have one made by ‘natureworks’ and it states water/alcohol extract of: and lists the ingredients. Does this mean it contains alcohol? Should I get a new one? Will have to order online so it’ll take a bit to get. Also you recommend half a dropperful. This recommends 2 teaspoonfuls. Is it equivalent?