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april1;50775 wrote: Does that mean I can drink kefir(homemade water-kefir) while I am taking antifungals(coconut oil & Grapefruit seed capsules)??? I am confused about when I can start drinking kefir?-someone please answer?

Three weeks after the start of the diet, you may start drinking kefir. You may use any milk for it. If you use animal milk, it MUST be organic. Raw and vegetable milks are preferred over pasteurized and animal milk. To sum up:
animal => ORGANIC
coconut > goat > cow
raw > pasteurized

I make my kefir from organic goat milk (not raw). I just can’t stand the taste of coconut milk (and coconut oil).
I would use raw milk if it would be easy to find here…

You may combine kefir with antifungals. Just take all your probiotics at a different time in the day than when you take antifungals.

Edit: I see you are making water kefir. Everything still applies. Just ignore what I said about the milk.