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I am no expert on the diet and candida, but just wanted to comment that I had the exact same symptoms when I started the diet. I didn’t do the cleansing (busy working schedule, single mom with twin girls made it impossible plus no access to supplements that I would need) and jumped straight into diet and ate every bit of food that has antifungal properties every day plus I didn’t take any supplements (vitamins), so this was my mistake and I had a terrible die-off for two weeks. It was quite scary, especially that tingling in arms and legs and a feeling as if there is no blood circulating into my limbs, like I am somehow disappearing or, God forbid, dieing. I also couldn’t sit or lay down for longer period as my limbs would fall asleep (or it felt that way). I also felt tiny twitches in my muscles, lack of air (feeling), terrible thirst etc. I was going to give up and then started reading on the forum and I am glad that I stuck to it. I started the website’s diet and now I’m adjusting to the forum one (did it a little backwards but hey we all learn somehow).

I am feeling much better now (tomorrow will be month since I first started the diet), better than ever in last four months I was sick without diagnosis, but I am taking it easy as well while waiting for molybdenum (it is being shipped to me from US). I try not to eat much of the antifungal foods until I get that mineral because I don’t want to experience the die off again. Then I am going to start increasing on antifungals and probiotic and see how it goes.

Good luck to you and my advice to you is research everything well, spend as much time as you can on it. If you make a mistake, no problem but you loose precious time. Maybe I could have been very close to being healed by now if I did it right, but oh well better ever than never 🙂