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First off, I’m so sorry for your loss. Stress from the death of a loved one can be so bad on our bodies. I’m not familiar with Antibiotic Toxicity. It occurs to me that all antibiotics are toxic because they kill the good and the bad bacteria, but I’m really not sure what it is. It sounds like you’ve really done a number on your gut, and maybe you were already dealing with Candida before tragedy struck, which may have sent you over the edge.

That spit test is completely bogus, in fact I’d be a little leery of all tests for Candida since there is really no proven reliable test. I’m one person who has Candida who’s stool test came back negative.

I don’t know how to advise you on diet, I’m not familiar with extreme food sensitivities. Do your smoothie have fruit in them? I’d cut out the rice chex, and processed cream of chicken soup. You need to find a way to feed yourself through whole foods that heal, not store bought things with preservatives.

I wish you all the best, be kind to yourself.