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Javizy wrote: What he’s done is the equivalent of a driver blaming his car crash on the diazepam manufacturer and not his own decision to drive after taking it. He’s immaturely taking out the anger caused by the dangerous results of his own failure on other members, which is pretty unsightly.

The idea that anyone who evidently doesn’t know the first thing about nutrition is trying to advise people is ridiculous. The triglycerides I mentioned contain glycerol, which can be converted to glucose and used as fuel just like carbohydrates. If this wasn’t possible, your cells would die whenever you went a few hours without eating. Forcing a change in your metabolism takes days, if not weeks, of adjustment, so it’s incredibly foolish to make assumptions after 2-3 days.

Christian, you’ve had a bad experience, and I can sympathise with your discontent at the protocol here after such an ordeal. It in no way excuses your attitude though. Take some time to absorb what people are saying and do a little bit of research. E-mailing an “expert” will achieve little – just look what happened when you left your health in the hands of this forum. You need to take charge of your own body, and that means understanding a bit about how it works. When you do that, I’m sure you won’t be touching any bananas.

If you’re not willing to constructively engage in a debate, then you might as well just leave the forum. There’s a lot of research behind what’s here, so you’ll have to try harder than ‘piss off, I’m right.’ This isn’t junior high school.

Allow him to discover who the enemy is himself. !
He is going to have a better teacher than us, and I know the name, Candida !! Its class must be learned the hard way when you eat what feed it !!
As I said, nobody more than me wanted to eliminate this infection eating. Unfortunately, this person think the enemy is weak. What a big mistake !!
His pain and suffering will give him a big lesson.