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Angor wrote:
I’m sorry to hear that, Chris. Hope you feel better now. Out of curiousity, did you eat something in particular?

Thing is I dont treat myself very well. I still treat candida as an allopathic problem where it is a holistic problem. The first time I got rid of candida last year I used the holistic way because I was in an environment that made that possible. That worked better and I made more progress in less time.
This year however, after being on a strict diet for 3 months I was fed up with my fatigue not lifting, and the crazy food reactions I would get on stupid little things like garlic powder, so I went on a normal diet 5 weeks ago while still taking small amounts of my antifungal chlorine dioxide to keep the candida in check. That went pretty well until this week. It seems the candida has finally cought up on me. But that is logical considering my chronic stress and current diet.