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kjones02;39285 wrote: Thomas, just kind of browsing through right now. I saw you said something about candida hiding in the small intestine. I truly believe in this because you are talking to one person that has been through hell the past few years.

I always had stomach problems all my life, but I got to thinking about it today that I really noticed a problem after I experienced my bout with mono in 2009!!! Also, the mold issue of my living conditions and the pets I am around.

Anyways, in 2009, my left side hurt all the time, had major problems with constipation; had some sort of gurgling noise. I had colitis, and I got my large intestine removed in June 2011. I am connected small intestine to rectum.

However, I still felt bad, and then I found out that I had gastroparesis. In Jan. 2012, I had a procedure to insert a gastric pacemaker inside me. I believe this is the best surgery for me to date because I can eat somewhat normal now!!!

As my stomach sped up though, it is not necessary my stomach all the time that bothers me. It is that I feel the effects of not having a colon. I alternate between both aspects. I got tired of seeing regular doctors about issues, so I saw an integrative doctor.

I got started on the right track to heal all these inflammations (leaky gut) from over the years, surgeries, infections, urinary problems, etc. However, I didn’t follow some of the right protocols before starting all this at the beginning of the year. I had the idea, but didn’t take it in full effect until I read up more and found this site.

I am still worried about losing weight, but I have maintained; thank goodness. I have felt better through diet by avoiding dairy and wheat. However, I still got a lot of work to do. This is taking forever, and I think people think that I am crazy.

Long story short, yes, my yeast is in my small intestine, and I know I can get my gi problems fixed by doing different things, diets, supplements, etc. because I have seen some herbs, etc. do wonders on me!!! I am glad that I am completely off Imodium and Miralax now as I was taking both last year.

Still have problems, might be even clearing up a sibo from constipation history in the past. who knows?

wow, this ending up being longer than I thought. I just had a lot to say because I just believe I got started with the wrong end of doctors, and I just think I could have healed better by not going down the route I did. You live you learn!

Whow, you have been through much! I hope very that you will heal and enjoy a good and strong health you deserve it. How is the removal of your colon affecting you? How are your levels of B-vitamines? How is your mineral/salt balance? Are you tired often? Where on the left side is it hurting all the time? Under the ripecage or further down the belly?