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I’m confused…are you saying that the chamomile tea caused my nausea? If so, I’m stunned that 6oz (that’s all I had truly since I didn’t drink my entire mug) could cause nausea …and so quickly…when it’s supposed to be a “calming” herb.

I am very ignorant to the benefits and affects of various herbs. The only reason why I know chamomile is supposed to be calming is because all chamomile teas that I see have that on their box description (Relaxing calming tea:)).

I appreciate your expertise, however, and will not use the chamomile tea again while I am on this cleanse (only two more days! HALLELUJAH!!!). And although it will be difficult, I will continue with the liver flush for the remainder of my cleanse.


What a small world! I grew up in Mission Viejo, went to MVHS in fact. I left for about a year and moved to Colorado, but I absolutely love it here!!

It’s funny you mentioned Mothers as that is where I originally planned to go yesterday, but my schedule was such that Sprouts was closer, so opted for that. I ended up just going online and ordering from the website Able suggested. It should arrive beginning of next week…just in time for my transition into Stage Two: The Strict Diet:)

What fun this is, huh??:)