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gcha8e wrote: I looked at adrenal fatique and cannot come to a firm conclusion but I know I have some of the symptoms of it whatever it is. Or I am simply getting older and aging too fast.

If you’re aging too fast, there’s a reason, and if you’re in your 30s, logically speaking, you’re far too young for ‘getting older’ to be an excuse for any physical or mental problem.
My parents are both in their 60s, they’re both still working, and they both swear that they have more energy and stamina and less stress today than they did in their late 20s and 30s, but they say their energy started improving in their 40s as well as the ability to control stress. That’s true for thousands of our ‘older’ citizens. Why do you think that is? My theory is that it takes that long for us to learn how to eat and take care of ourselves; we finally learn the difference between enough sleep and not enough sleep as far as how we’ll feel and think is concerned. We learn that ignoring a small physical problem can easily turn into a large one, and we learn to do our own research in order to take care of ourselves because by that time we realize that doctors are not gods, and they may not be able to ‘fix’ us every time we screw with our health. And we finally ‘get it’ that if we eat a high carb, high sugar snack, we’re going to feel like crap afterwards, but if we eat an apple or an avocado, we’ll feel better than before we ate. Wonder why it takes so many years for humans to learn these simple ‘tricks’?

It’s never too late to learn, especially about ourselves.