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Here is my strict food list I created:

I would recommend sticking to this food list and taking a few specific supplements. You need something to support your liver to detox the toxins. You need to come up with a detox plan. You need a long term safe antifungal…the one I recommend the most is SF722 undecenoic acid. Check out the reviews, its a pretty powerful product.

You’ll also need a good strong probiotic. There is only one on the market that contains human derived strains of probiotic and its called HMF neuro. This is the most effective probiotic on the market in my opinion. The second most effective probiotic is one that contains the DDS-1 strain.

If you don’t like vegetables and do not consume them then you are going to have serious health problems in the future. You need the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients found within them to repopulate your beneficial gut flora. This is likely a very strong reason you are here in the first place. If you have mineral and vitamin deficiencies then this is a pathway to disease.

My recommendation: consider juicing vegetables and making smoothies out of them. Combine a bunch of stuff that is very healthy that you would not eat. For instance, combine kale, brazil nut, some berries, kefir, protein powder, celery, avocado, chard, etc. all into a smoothie. Drink it real fast and chug some water afterwards and it’ll go down easy. Make a few of these per day and you’ll get proper nutrition.

If you do not consume vegetables I do not think you will get better.