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emzie89;55976 wrote: My light sensitivity is so bad that even bedroom lights are really hard for me to tolerate, and i often have to have to turn lights off, and resort to lamps with less bright lighting.
This all started when i found out i was pregnant in December, and a week previous to that i had some dental work done.

Sensitivity to light is a symptom of mercury poisoning. Since you had some dental work done recently, it can point in that direction. Combined with a change of hormones, it can have pushed the candida ‘over the edge’.
Do you have any blood results? (white blood cell count, hematocrit, ferritine, vitamin D, IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM, TSH)

emzie89;55976 wrote: I would start feeling spaced out every now and then and get mild headaches while pregnant, but it would come and go and was not constant.

Headaches can be a sign of adrenal insufficiency. Are you able to handle stress? When do you usually go to bed and when do you get up? Are you well rested when you wake up? Do you have low blood pressure?

emzie89;55976 wrote: A couple of weeks later i miscarried, and was fine for 3 weeks.

So sorry to hear this 🙁

emzie89;55976 wrote: I did see a gastro who prescribed me nystatin, as my stool sample came back with a little more yeast than usual. He did not explain to me about candida, or a diet, he just said to take the nystatin for 10 days, and it did not help at all.

Nystatin should only be used in case of emergency or for an acute candida infection. Doctors usually assume you have the acute form and prescribe nystatin and think it will be solved. Natural antifungals are usually more effective.

emzie89;55976 wrote: Does this sound like yeast overgrowth? I mean it really sounds like what the issue is to me, but i don’t know if it is where to start

Yeast overgrowth is very common in pregnant women. Your symptoms agree. My candida infection was discovered due to a high candida albicans antigen value (IgG). Do your symptoms temporarily get better if you eat something sweet?

emzie89;55976 wrote: Is it true people with only weakened immune systems have systematic candida, like those with HIV/AIDS/Cancer? I also have no history of recent antibiotic use before this occurred. Can pregnancy cause this?

Usually it does. Normally your body should be able to clean up the candida itself. But, this is a complicated topic and nobody seems to have a definitive answer to this question.
Pregnancy and antibiotics use can definitely contribute to this.

emzie89;55976 wrote: Why don’t doctors recognize this as a problem unless you have HIV/AIDS? This is seriously making me miserable. I had to drop out of my last semester because i cannot think straight, and my head is always foggy/and i feel constantly high. If candida is the problem, this is torture, and i don’t know how doctors don’t help people with this.

I had the same problem. I failed all my exams during the summer.
Doctors only treat diseases that have a pharmaceutical answer.

emzie89;55976 wrote: What doctor can help me? I was talking to someone who said they to had all tests run for everything to come back normal, and when yeast was found through a doctor she went to, he prescribed diflucan. With the diet and meds, it completely cleared up and she felt normal again, but the problem was as soon as she finished the meds, it came right back.

This is because candida is not really a disease on itself. It is more like a symptom of a sick body. Taking antifungals without adressing the real problem only suppresses the symptoms.
A lot of things can not be seen in a blood test. For example, adrenal insufficiency can is very hard to diagnose via a blood test since cortisol levels should be different during the day. The best way to figure out what you have is to look at your symptoms. Most people have adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism. Search around (on the forum) to check if your symptoms agree.
Blood tests usually only show things when something is seriously wrong (eg Addison’s disease).
You should go find a naturopath. They usually understand how candida works and how it should be fixed. This is recommended but not necessary. If you don’t find a naturopath (lilke me), you’re kind of on your own which is perfectly feasible. It will only take longer. The closest I came to a naturopath is an allergist.

emzie89;55976 wrote: Can anyone offer me advice, and also do some people just never get cured from this? I can’t imagine living this way forever. My husband and i want to start a family, but i can’t feeling this way.

There are a few success stories on this forum. But curing chronic candida is hard, because you have to treat everything at once. An if you can’t find the underlying problem (in your case it can be the combination of antibiotics and pregnancy), you’re gonna have a hard time curing yourself.