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emzie89;55976 wrote: Hi all,

1) Does this sound like yeast overgrowth? I mean it really sounds like what the issue is to me, but i don’t know if it is where to start

2) Is it true people with only weakened immune systems have systematic candida, like those with HIV/AIDS/Cancer? I also have no history of recent antibiotic use before this occurred. Can pregnancy cause this?

3) Why don’t doctors recognize this as a problem unless you have HIV/AIDS? This is seriously making me miserable. I had to drop out of my last semester because i cannot think straight, and my head is always foggy/and i feel constantly high. If candida is the problem, this is torture, and i don’t know how doctors don’t help people with this.

4) What doctor can help me? I was talking to someone who said they to had all tests run for everything to come back normal, and when yeast was found through a doctor she went to, he prescribed diflucan. With the diet and meds, it completely cleared up and she felt normal again, but the problem was as soon as she finished the meds, it came right back.

Can anyone offer me advice, and also do some people just never get cured from this? I can’t imagine living this way forever. My husband and i want to start a family, but i can’t feeling this way.

Im glad your addressing this, as you will MISERABLE if you start a family before getting this handled. You will be giving the baby your illness, as they will wind up with bad colic for months, pain, thrush, bleeding diaper rashes, its awful.

My baby suffered, and not one doctor knew what the hell was going on. Not one.
I was given antibiotics for a kidney infection during pregnancy.
He had cradle-cap (candida)
Thrush (candida)
Bad diaper rash (candida)
Colic that had him crying in agony for hours on end,everyday,no exception.

I had to be treated with nystatin topically since I was nursing him.

So….with all this said, where to start?

After doing research, I totally freaked out thinking I contracted some deadly disease that made me immuno-compromised. I had jobs in my past that required testing, and to this day I test negative for HIV,hepatitis, and few others I cant pronounce.

So why are we all getting yeast over-growth?

For everyone its different.

Some have high mercury or lead levels. That will cause yeast overgrowth according to research.
Some have taken antibiotics,some quite a bit of antibiotics (thats my problem)
Some have coupled a very poor diet with illness,which allowed for the vulnerability to yeast overgrowth.
If you do some reading on this forum, you will see many many reasons.
Bad nutrition,deficiencies, poisonings, different things can lower the immune system,
including adrenal-burn-out and backed-up lymph.

Your job is to detect your issues, and then one addressed, the candida will be easier to treat. It will take a year to take care of. If you get pregnant before then, it will not be fun for you or the baby.

Doctors do NOT acknowledge this. I saw a regular MD and an ER doctor,both laughed me off.
Thousands of dollars later, I want only for them both to get a bad candida infection,lol.

Consider seeing a naturopathic doctor. They acknowledge candida overgrowth.
My MD called herself “naturopathic” because she sold vitamins out of her office.
Do your research and find one that isnt quick to throw pharmaceuticals at you, because most infections do not respond to them long-term.

You CAN get better.It will just take time 🙂