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Thanks Able. I actually have to get on a plane again this morning, and am really hoping I can survive the trip. I AM taking HCL, one cap, I believe 500mg, right before I start to eat. I think I read somewhere on the forum, however, that I might now have the correct HCL because there is one for protein and one for vegetables, and I believe mine is the protein one, and at this point, I am only eating protein once a week, plus am allergic to eggs and don’t eat those at all, so am very focused on vegetables.

I will also look into the Swedish Digestive Bitters.

I was not all that gassy prior to starting the diet, so this is feeling really difficult because I don’t just “have gas”, but it makes me feel sick overall.

How do you know that it is caused by yeast die-off and not reaction to certain foods?
Also, when you suggest backing off of my antifungals, that scares me because I don’t want to not be killing off the yeast.

As always, THANK-YOU!