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I apologize for how I handled this thread and didn’t mean to sway you around negatively or anything. That vitamin C is likely the cause and this is gross. I would consider contacting the manufacturer.

You should be concerned and I should not be downplaying this. All I am basically saying is that we all have them and its hard to eliminate them completely; you can mostly just reduce their numbers and keep them down.

Testing can be inconclusive for a variety reasons and this is why I didn’t go this route myself.

I had parasites as well and have effectively reduced their numbers. A person who has candida likely has parasites; they grow in a similar environment.

My naturopath stated you cannot completely kill them off. I believe him because I cannot completely rid them from my body and see them in my stools now and then. If I were try to get tested right now I doubt they would see any in the test though. My naturopath has tried for life to get them out of his body but has been unable to do this. They will continue to feed on the food and dead tissues within the body. They can hide and move to places where the drugs cannot reach them.

One thing that will reduce their numbers is oxygen; they like an environment without oxygen just like candida.