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Julia I don’t understand what I did wrong. I am not denying she has a parasite problem. There are 1000’s of parasites and we all have them. We get them from pets, eating meat, vegetables, everything!

In order to reduce their numbers you need to create an environment that is less hospitable for their growth just like candida. You kill them the exact same way; probiotics, antifungals, and improving digestion.

Like I originally stated, you cannot kill them all with a magic pill. You can kill some of them but not all of them. They simply can burrow deeper in the body or find other places to hang out in the body where the antifungals or drugs cannot reach them.

One worm is nothing to worry about. Unless you are crapping out worms with every BM its just one worm.

Why is this happening?

Welcome to the world of health care where they have ineffective tests or deny the existance of effective testing. I would consider getting a metametrix stool test or a fancier test than what the doctors office typically supplies.

What am I supposed to do?

I wouldn’t worry about it because we all have parasites. It takes a long time to reverse their numbers and you have to do more than just nuke the heck out of them.

My naturopath has been infested with parasites since he was a child when he used to scoop out crap out of people’s latrines in Asia. It keeps him up during full moons and he is quite paranoid of them. However, he realized he will never be able to get rid of them all and has accepted that he will have to live with them. I think this is a good approach and I learned you basically have to do a maintenance thing with them where you keep their numbers down.

I would also check out food grade diatomaceous earth which is likely more effective than any prescription medications.