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BeccaJR;57111 wrote: Here is a link to one of my first posts regarding my medical history–Advice-Greatly-Appreciated.aspx

I tried to keep it as brief as possible while still covering all of my bases.

I have been on the ACD for 8 weeks now following Raster’s Strict Diet. After a few days on the diet my energy became non-existent. A nutritionist has told me this is very common on the diet as the diet alone will cause some die off. I began receiving vitamin I.V’s after 2 weeks on the diet and am currently receiving 30g of vit. C weekly. At first the I.V’s made me feel a lot better, but now they have little affect on me.

I have had 4 colonics to help flush my system. I have restarted my enemas this past week doing at least 3 a week with chlorella and bentonite.

My supplements:
-Liquid Vitamin suuplement (naka)
-Raw adrenal concentrate (new roots)
-Magnesium citrate (now)

However, I am at a standstill. For over 2 weeks now I have been very low functioning. I am hardly able to walk some days, or even talk. I wake up and go to sleep with horrible headaches and sensitivity to light. I have severe pains in my neck and ears and have begun getting chest pains on a regular basis. I have also been feeling very depressed lately. I can’t work or go out or do anything due to my physical health and it is really getting to me mentally, as you can imagine.

I do not know if these symptoms are die off or not. My body is very sensitive and I haven’t been able to be strong enough to do a full-throttle Candida cleanse or detox and have been advised against it by my nutritionist because I am weak and have very serious reactions which are unmanageable (neurological symptoms being my biggest struggle).

Do you think what I am going through is die off? Perhaps something more?

Is there anything else that can be recommended to me?

I really need the help and support. This is just getting so frustrating. I took 3 steps forward only to take 10 steps backwards. I have seen naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, iridologists and doctors galore and it feels like this isn’t really going anywhere.

What kind of antifungal are you taking ??