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pav6629;31279 wrote: 1) Since ill be taking the molybdenum while the rash goes away, should i keep taking it when i start incorporating anitfungals and probiotics?

Yes. Everything is outlined in a general plan we created on the forum if you are interested:

pav6629;31279 wrote:
2) Once the rash goes away, I plan on starting the high dosage probiotics first (gradual inc to
50 bil)wait a week and then start my antifungals. Does this sound ok???

Check out the protocol, but this should work.

pav6629;31279 wrote:
3) You suggested taking Betaine HCl to help with the rash. I already take a dig enzyme 9 that doesnt have HCL in it (would obv destroy the enzymes)..should i take both at different times?? or just stick with one??

I don’t know where you read that enzymes get destroyed by HCL; we have HCL in our stomach already, so it shouldn’t be a problem…

pav6629;31279 wrote:
4)This may be hard to answer, and i wont hold u to you answer LOL, how long does a rash liek this tend to take to go away???

I have no idea whatsoever. It all depends on how much you overdid things. Remember the more antifungals you use doesn’t correlate to healing any faster. Plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida overgrowth.