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dvjorge;27392 wrote:
… When an overgrowth occur in the gut, yeast metabolites are able to present more than 70 antigens that react with the immune system. Those metabololic wastes are responsible for the symptoms you feel around the body such as blurred vision, brain fog, digestive problems, etc.

The best test to rule out this condition is Candida Immune Complexes in blood. This test is 99% effective detecting this syndrome.

You can also get an intradermal allergic test with candida albicans antigen combined with a delayed test ( 2 days )

Typical result of people with this syndrome is a positive intradermal test after 15 minutes and a negative delayed test after 2 days. It means an allergic with no immune response to candida.

Stool tests don’t say anything because healthy people have candida spores living as a commensal in the gut.

I hope this help you.


Okay, so I am going to a Gastroenterologist in a few weeks and I want to try to either confirm or rule out CRC.

Is the specific test that I should ask for called “Candida Immune Complexes”? Is that the exact name? Is this from a blood draw?
What is the “intradermal allergic test with candida albicans antigen combined with a delayed test?” How exactly should I ask for it? It sounds like they scratch the skin and look for a specific result?