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Thank you both so very much! @Allira, sugar really is addictive! I’ve been in denial. I realize now that I’m an addict. (You know what they say about the first step to recovery… maybe I’m on my way) I will definitely ask my husband to help me out by not leaving his snacks in the house, great suggestion. So, no chocolate ever, huh? WOW! This is going to be such a challenge. I’m up for it, though. I want to heal. @Tina, you know that’s exactly where I messed up. I forgot to bring my snack and got way too hungry. When I returned home I went crazy. I must be prepared at all times. Thanks for the info. I will check out those recipes. I’m doing my best to imagine myself healthy. You know, I used to be SO good at visualizing and creating things in my life. But, I can’t lie, since being hit with these illnesses 3 years ago it’s been DIFFICULT to see anything good happening for me, especially being in good health. At times, I wonder if I’ll ever be. People use to say the I was the most positive person they knew. Now, I’m sure I’m the most negative. My faith and confidence in myself is weak. But,I will continue to try. Thanks again for your support, ladies. I truly appreciate it. You don’t know how happy I feel to know that there are people who understand and don’t just think I’m nuts! 🙂