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I feel your pain! I agree with the previous comment that it is really important to keep your eyes on the prize. Living with chronic fatigue and pain in addition to other candida symptoms is no way to live. I have a very similar situation to you with symptoms and it became so debilitating that I had no choice. It is my third week and it is really tough but worth the reward. The best thing that I have found is to be prepared. Have acceptable snacks availble so that you don’t feel tempted to cheat. There are grain free cracker recipes on elanaspantry that are great with nut butter. Also her almond flour pancakes are great…I add cinnamon for a sweeter flavor. Cocnut yogurt ( homemade) is simple and rich it’s like a desert. I know it’s scary but the reward is so worth it. Take it one day at a time and prepare yourself with recipes. Good luck to you! You can do it! Keep imagining your life pain free with lots of energy. 🙂