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ants;49814 wrote:

You picked the wrong time to join a gym because you will need every bit of energy to heal your immune system and not build muscle mass. And you should plan on a 6-18 month recovery if you have candida overgrowth…


The period you need to be on the candida diet seems to be debated all over the net.

Sorry to sound brash but there’s no way I’m doing it for more than 6 weeks. It’s the most boring, depressing (genuinely) diet I’ve ever done.

Have I done it before? Yes, I’ve done it for 2 weeks and then stopped.

Your point re the gym, I appreciate. Please do keep in mind that there are many studies out there which show exercise actually improves the immune system.

This also sounds pathetic but I’m 24, single and enjoy going out at the weekends. 6 weeks without that = a long time for me!

Sorry if I sound as if I can’t be arsed etc but for me 6 weeks on this diet is as much I can mentally take.

Thank you so much with your carbs suggestions – not sure what I’d do with the coconut flour? If you have any more suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them.

One final point, can I take some supplements whilst on the diet? Ginger/ Garlic / Anti-histimines

To be completely honest, If you’re only going to do the diet for 6 weeks you’re probably better off not wasting your time, there’s a reason you have candida overgrowth(poor diet/antibiotics) and it’s a slow process to correct it. Light exercise is good yes, as it gets the blood flowing which helps the lymphatic system to flow as well. Heavy excersize compromises and stresses the immune system, I was really into working out.
I worked out 2 hours a day, lifting VERY heavy that whole time with no breaks, I ate 5,000 calories a day and look where I am now(+a slew of antibiotics)