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When I found this article, I told myself that it is the most important article I have found in the last two years.
Since long time, I have been questioning the effects of the chelation protocols on people suffering CRC.
First, let me tell you I am an strong believer that Mercury is really toxic for the human body at any amount. I don’t justify the amalgams, thymerosal in vaccines, high mercury loaded fish consumption, etc. I believe in Chelation and the symptoms and damage Mercury causes to the health. I have read enough literature and studies about it and trust in them.

As many of you know, I have been visiting Candida forums for some years, reading patient stories, treatments, and what people report. I have had chance of accumulating information and to compare it.

I also know that some of the sulfur based Chelators are powerful antifungal compound since some kind of Sulfa are. That fact generated my doubt about what is the real mechanism some chelators have to benefit people suffering CRC.

Let think about it. I have been chelating using ALA only for 1 year. I also know people who have used ALA only for more than 2 years to chelate Mercury because an unresponsive fungal overgrowth. Curiously, people who have chosen ALA only don’t report those great result that many other report when they have used DMSA too, and this include myself.

In other words, ALA is probably the best Mercury chelator, but people who have candidiasis don’t see results using it long term, at least I haven’t found any report of someone using ALA only who claims to be candida free. However, some who have used DMSA and ALA for a few months with an anticandida program have reported to be candida free.

ALA don’t chelate Iron, but DMSA does it. So, I am suspecting that the real benefit of overcoming a fungal overgrowth after a chelation protocol using DMSA is the iron depletion it causes and no the effect of be eliminating Mercury.

This article has given me more arguments to suspect it because Iron is vital for candida, but the most relevant is what the article stays about Lactic Acid bacteria.

It is well known that Lactic Acid bacteria are what offer antagonism mechanisms to candida inside the intestines. Without Lactic Acid bacteria, candida can growth and invade tissue inside the gut. Most people get an intestinal candidiasis when those type of bacteria have been disturbed and reduced. Then, we found now that Iron inhibits the growth of Lactic Acid bacteria in the gut, and iron is boosted when there is intestinal inflammation, a common thing with candida.

I am imaging a picture of Iron depletion caused by long term DMSA or EDTA where candida is really affected and chances are that the Lactic Acid forming bacteria recover offering their protective mechanisms against candida. I mean the natural protective mechanism people suffering CRC lack.

So, again, I am not sure that the successful reports regarding to mercury chelation be associated to a real low mercury level after chelation but to secondary mechanisms reached with the use of common chelators.

Anyway, this discover is fascinating since you know that Iron interfere the successful colonization of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium facilitating pathogenic growth including candida and biofilm formations.

If I am correct, this is bringing a novel therapy to win this battle.