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When someone presents a theory or concept we should be able to discuss it in a non-combative, productive manner. There is no value at all in being defensive or insulting, both of which you did above.

“You don’t understand or don’t want to understand. DMSA chelates Iron. It will reduce it in a way or other inside your gut.”

As well as inside the body – let’s present the whole picture.

“ According to the article, the excess of Iron in the intestines inhibits the growth of Lactic Acid bacteria and promote pathogens”
I read that lactic acid don’t need it, not that it inhibits it.

“ It means an EXCESS of Iron, no the levels you normally need.”
I got that. What I’m saying is if the inflammation was causing the excess iron, the bacteria were ALREADY THERE before the iron , thus the inflammation

” Oral EDTA is an almost non-absorbed drug. It will act where you need it in this case, inside the gut. It isn’t intended to be used long term but temporary, and if possible taking an Iron free multivitamins and minerals.”
I didn’t realize it was non absorbed when I first posted. Now I do. But still, it’s going to affect iron stores.

“EDTA is more powerful killing candida than many standard antifungals, so the benefit is double. See the article.!”
That’s nice but let’s remember it was applied directly to the colonies, not many feet away where it’s diluted.

“Yes, we need to be using all the resources because this monster is really hard to cure. If it were easy, I weren’t here long time ago.
Candida sufferers are always looking for “news” because it is nightmare to get well one time the fungus growth”
What is currently advocated is noneffective enough to deal with it in most of the cases.”

I agree Jorge and I’ve come up with many theories in my own case and I am still not well so clearly I’ve been wrong each time. Time will tell if my latest theory is correct. I’ve had to rethink everything even whether or not I have candid which I now think I may not. But, Jorge, I run my ideas past people and they will point holes in them and I accept that and consider it. That is how progress is made. I like it when people point out inconsistencies – it makes me think harder and hopefully I’m getting closer to the truth.

“Anyway, you can take or not what you want. I deserve my right to post about what I find. Who cares if you matter or not ??”
Of course you do. Well many people think I matter. LOL. What a thing to say.

Anyway I don’t wish to continue Jorge and I doubt you do. I considered this iron fact long ago and did take EDTA and other supps and it did nothing for me. I tried for many many months, every other week, EDTA and other ‘biofilm’ supps.

And for what it is worth I do have very low ferritin which in itself can make one very ill. And when you pay attention to the boards, you will see it’s very common.