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LRHG wrote: I have done every test I could think of to see if I had candida overgrowth or bacterial overgrowth:
– hydrogen breath test twice
– methane breath test twice
– Metametrix GI complete
– various stool cultures
– ethanol test by biolab
– rectal swab
– candida immune complexes

All of the above were negative except for the rectal swab which showed ++++ for candida albicans. My doctor said that could have been just because they hit a colony when taking the sample. And my immune complexes were normal.

So, really, no test has revealed an overgrwoth.

HOWEVER, I continued to have bloating and burping worse than anyone I have ever met on teh boards or elsewhere. In my mind, there was an overgrowth of something , even though no test could find it. So I designed my own biofilm protocal to address both candida and bacteria. It is in the curezone archives somewhere. It also did nothing.

The metametrix did show a yeast with taxonomy unknown which is my only clue.

I am now leaning towards more of an upper gut problem such as hypomotility. I did find a study showing that a group of patients with delayed stomach emptying retained a small amount of liquid in their stomach. 1/2 of these patients had candida albians, the other 1/2 had toruplasma (sp?). Antifungals were ineffective against both of these. I think I have someething like this happening. I also think the effects of antibiotics can be far more reaching than simply candida overgrowth – nutrient depletion, oxidative stress come to mind.

You have mentioned Biofilm protocols several times. I am curious why are you followed them.
Do you have bacterial overgrowth or any other resistant bacteria ??

The biofilm protocols I am aware of disrupts bacterial biofilm matrix, no candida albicans biofilm.
Bacterial biofilm matrix is composed of mostly Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium.

This isn’t the case of Candida Albicans that the matrix is mostly glucose.

The invented web protocols to disrupt biofilms may work in the case of bacteria, but no in the case of candida.


What candida immune complexes test did you get ??
Can you post the results, please.
I want to be sure you get the right test.