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candidaquestion;57673 wrote: Thanks to you both. Not sure if either of you will stop in and see this at this point, but thought I’d post a follow up. What percent of candida sufferers get the symptoms that accompany die-off? I imagine that if I do develop symptoms it would be pretty cut and dry that I do in fact suffer from candida?

Also, i recognize that to cleanse my system of this issue can take years, but what would be a reasonable period of time to experience relief from many of the symptoms of candida? I think the biggest one I’m looking to see relief from are the brain fog/short term memory issues. I’ve got about a million of the various symptoms but these 2 are the ones I’d love to get some relief from.

Thanks again.

You don’t need Threelac to diagnose CRC. Only cutting sugar and most carbohydrates, you will notice a change. Eat green vegetables, eggs, fish, and turnips for a couple of days. You will notice a reaction (more symptoms) or a reduction of the symptoms. If the overgrowth is big, there will be a reaction (die-off) if it is moderate, you will feel less symptoms. In any case, you may consider an anticandida plan. Adding raw garlic to this 2 days diet, will give you more clues.