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A few things here:

1) I can’t read the first post, did they delete it?

2)Victory: the forum’s diet was created with trial and error, from personal experience from both me and able and other forum members. Able created it but doesnt run the main website. You can of course do whatever diet you like and if you want to add a few items to the forum’s diet, then go for it! Its all up to you to create a diet that works well for you. For instance, I’ve noticed that when I eat rice, it comes up undigested in my stool. This is not good because it means that it ferments in the gut and doesn’t really offer much benefit to my health. Its all about starting out strict and adding foods as your body becomes strong and you lose you allergies. After months on the diet, you can enjoy such things as almond butter, coconut milk, etc with little drawback but you need to create an environment in your gut that allows the good flora to thrive.

3) original post: Well it sounds like you have a picky and healthy food problem. Imagine if you ate broccoli everyday what kind of benefit it’d be for your body. However, broccoli doesnt taste that great. Its all about finding some good tasting foods that barely feed candida. But you have to draw the line somewhere and rice/quinoa isn’t good enough. Switch to buckwheat, millet, teff, oat bran instead and you will find that you recover more quickly. Later in life you can start to eat normal food more often, but don’t plan on going back to the same old unhealthy american diet in the long term.