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Victory wrote:

You’re depressed eating THAT? Thats clearly not the forum’s diet.

Able900 wrote:
Laurena, you have several mistakes in your diet.

Perhaps here would be the best place to address this issue I am trying to figure out. Why is the “Foods you can eat” page on the website different from the “forum diet”?

For over 2 months I was following the website diet, eliminating foods on that diet that did not agree with me only to come to the forum and find out the “Foods you can eat” page is not the best, being sent a better/stricter list of foods to eat (thank you again)and learning what I was trying to learn over 2 months ago. That is really aggravating.

Like i suggested before juice veg’s. It’s the easiest way of doing it from my experience and you can experiment on whats suits you. I don’t know about you but I hated eating veg’s all day so I took this path.