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mygutleaks;50726 wrote: Print out some research and get her to understand you have a real disease. She’s likely never heard of it and you getting info off of the web makes it hard to understand.
Depending on your Mom’s personality – one idea – you might need to go slow and find one thing at a time you can bring to your mother’s attention.
Most people have no clue about the harm food could be doing to them. Maybe it would be a good time to let her know you are worried about her obesity and her health. I’m sure her bones must hurt if she’s that big.
Good luck and hang in there. I’m 6’1 and am 140 lbs. It’s very tough to keep weight on without sugar.


Thanks. She says she’s done research to help cook me appropriate foods, but she contradicts the claim a lot. I often tell her that I’m concerned for her health. She suffers with fibromyalgia, shingles, diabetes, and some strange looking skin sores that her doctors can’t put a finger on. We used to love discussing organic gardening and vitamin supplements at one time; but now that I’ve changed my diet, she says I’m getting obsessed and paranoid and doesn’t want to talk about wholesome eating anymore. I’ll try small bits of research articles and see if she accept reading them.

Good luck to you as well.