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Hello, Munoz. Your questions are answered below.

Quote: Almond flour to make pancakes are OK, no mold concern?

Reply: You would be better off using coconut flour or even oat bran with brown rice flour. Bob’s Red Mill is a perfect organic brand for all of these, and it’s sold on Amazon.

Quote: I feel kind of rejection to coconut oil, the smell bothers me (like nausea) I am using it though.

Reply: I’m with you on that one, I use it occasionally as it’s an all-round beneficial product to add to a regular healthy routine, but I’ll never get used to that taste.

Quote: Can I start the grapefruit seed oil ?

Reply: Yes, but very slowly for a few days because if you’ve never taken it before, it can cause some die-off symptoms, and be sure to dilute it in about a half glass of water. (Ask Thomas about this)

Quote: Is oregano leaf extract the same as oregano oil, does it have the same efect?

Reply: I’m not certain about what you are talking about, but if it isn’t in liquid form, then no it isn’t.

Quote: Cod liver oil and hemp Oil OK ?

Reply: Yes, but be sure to take it directly after your heaviest meal of the day.

Question if I may, Munoz, which multiple vitamins are you taking?