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I would try to eat soups, smoothies, and stuff that gives your digestion a break for a bit. Certain foods work for some people and some don’t work. Also look into bone broth soups. Fermented foods are something that can cause trouble. Kefir contains candida so its something that is pretty iffy.

One round of acupuncture can make you feel like a million bucks if done correctly. You can go in feeling like crap and come out feeling really great…should cost $20-80 without insurance. Same with sauna, hot tub, steam room, etc. you can do this at like a 24 hour fitness (they have free memberships for first few weeks) or other fitness chain usually.

You could have co-infections too or other things that are out of balance and this can mess any treatment to get better. Examples would include sibo (small intestine bacteria overgrowth), parasites, h. pylori, strept, mono, etc.

Then there are portions/symptoms of a candida treatment that may be more unique that can mess up your ability to get better such as gut dysbios, leaky gut, thyroid issues, liver issues, heave metal toxicity, etc.

I would drink tons of water and consider getting special mineral water at the store. I would take your detox supplements and stop antifungals/probiotics. Get plenty of rest and you should feel better within a few weeks.

When you want to continue I would try out some specific supplements such as sf722, digestive enzymes, and hmf neuro (the only human derive probiotic). These should make you feel much better in general and some of the other antifungals or probiotics can cause problems because they just work differently.