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I have a quick question on the flours. If they don’t feed the candida, why did I have a reaction to both buckwheat and coconut bread? I’ve avoided them for a while now because I’m scared of them setting me back, but I’m either starving or broke from buying so much frozen veggies all the time. Janene, I was in a really screwed up place last week also. I was about to give up, but I got organized and I’ve been sticking to the same meals every day, and a rigid supplement schedule. Organization seems to be one of the biggest keys to beating this thing. I think Sam and the others organizing a plan will help immensely. If you wouldn’t mind I’d like to see it so I can modify mine. If you want to know what I’m doing, I can let you know. I’m very early in but I feel hopeful, and once you get into a routine and don’t overdo it or rush it (which is hard, I know), It becomes easier. Maybe I’ll post my plan on here or start a new thread. I actually think a thread dedicated to our individual plans would be a great idea if people could get into it, since nothing is ever as black and white as the protocol :/ We could use it to get ideas from each other and find out what we’re missing that might work for us. Keep fighting, I know you’re going through hell and so am I, but if we stay connected here and make our recovery a way of life, one day we’ll heal and it will all be worth it.