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JaneneBean wrote: I did do coconut oil, it was the right kind and since I had a difficult time eating it by the spoonful because I gagged, I used it in cooking which now I know isn’t as effective if it’s cooked? Plus I DID use kefir as well. That’s where I got the idea for my diet was from this forum. And I was strictly on it for two months. I just got thin and sicker. I not only had my usual rectal yeast, but I got several other symptoms including low back pain, lethargy and leg cramps.
My budget? It’s laughable. I will probably only have less than $200 for the entire month after the bills are paid. Plus I need to buy some molybdenum and will need more probiotic soon. Just those two things will run probably $50. So shopping with about $32 a week for groceries? That’s what I’ve been up against for almost a year. I don’t qualify for food stamps either. I make about $50 a month too much to get them.
This just adds to my stress. Good luck if you can make a budget out of practically nothing.

You always get worse before you get better. You need to think more positively as well, think what can I do this month, not about what you can’t do.