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JaneneBean wrote: I’m so frustrated and angry right now. I really want to believe that something CAN work to make me healthy again, something that can make this rectal itch go AWAY for good. I WANT to believe that…but I don’t. How will I ever get better if I gag at an open bottle of vinegar? I almost threw up trying to take spoonfuls of coconut oil. I’ve got so many supplement bottles in the cupboard, they practically fall out when I open the door.

Able, you say this protocol works. But you’re the only one I’ve heard that says you’re better and have been for quite some time. Who else has it worked for? How can I genuinely BELIEVE it will work for ME? Everything I have tried only works for a few weeks, then it’s back to square one.

I can tell I’m doing something with all of this effort as my lymph nodes in my groin have been hurting off and on for months. I have itchy bumps that come and go and now I’m dizzy. I KNOW my body is fighting. Part of my fear is that if I hit it TOO hard with the diet and supplements (I can’t afford), I will end up losing work. I CAN’T call in sick anymore. Last week I lost a full day due to vertigo. I HAVE to work or we will go under. So now, despite the fact that I can’t tilt my head back at ALL, I work.

I’m scared. I’m exhausted. I’m worried. And most of all…I’m broke. This disease or whatever it is, is robbing me blind.

Plus, would a prolapsed uterus hinder my healing? I know for a fact that my uterus is sitting on my lower bowel which makes it difficult to have a bowel movement some days. I worry that there are pockets created by that which allow yeast to stay where it can’t be expelled easily. Does anyone have information on Candida in a person with prolapse?

HELP!!! I’m discouraged.

🙁 Janene


If I’ve learnt anything from my time on this forum, reducing and eliminating a candida infection takes dedication and time.

There are some very good testimonials here which you should read:

Are you following the protocol? I know it’s very hard, but following it is key to this diet, otherwise there’s not much point in trying, you might as well eat ten Easter eggs this weekend! Since I have been taking the right vitamins and took the time to understand what food can do to your body I have seen an improvement, I still have a long way to go, but I rarely bloat up (if sticking to the right foods) and I’m doing some pretty big lifts in the gym again.

I remember your first post in Candida Stories turned into a debate about Threelac(?) which asks the question how much of this are you following? Everything can be very expensive, I know that first hand, but I also know that every time I cheat I set myself back up to a week – although I don’t cheat, I’m too focused on getting better.

I personally wrote myself a plan so I could forecast how much money I would be spending, not just buying supplements etc on the fly. I have a sheet that I tick off morning, noon and night to ensure I take the correct supplements at the right time – I think one of the unmentioned keys to beating candida is organisation, I really do.

I personally don’t have any information on the prolapse you mention – is this a doctors diagnosis?

Keep chipping away at this, it does get better – you can’t let it beat you mentally. If it does then the candida has already won…..