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“Another thing you can try for more energy and weight maintenance is making one of the allowed breads. Search the recipes section. You can make a bread out of coconut, oat bran, buckwheat, teff, or rice bran flour or any combination of these allowed flours. The bread takes like 10 minutes to mix with a spoon.”

I find this difficult to believe it’s okay to eat since it’s a big carb. How is it okay to eat this carb when so many others are a big no no. And why can I make milk kefir and yet not have a little half and half which has 1 carb for 2 tbs. (a half of cup of broccoli has almost 4 grams of carb.) I don’t get it.

I live in a tiny town in Idaho that’s about 1.5 hours from the bigger town that has more food options all of which are VERY expensive. I can’t afford organic chicken. I can’t even afford all these supplements. I mentioned that I don’t have the molybdenum because I don’t get paid until Wed. and didn’t know about it until recently. I don’t have credit cards or people that have money to loan me. I would happily be on it if I had the money.
I’ve read the protocol several times.

So I take it I can’t have organic butter either? My sausage is just plain ol’ link sausage. Not maple or brown sugar like you see with Johnsonville, it’s just Hill sausage. It doesn’t have carbs, I checked.

There should be a thread on this forum with the people who have succeeded on this diet. So far, I only see a couple of people and if I have to dig through hours of threads to find success stories, I probably won’t bother. IF this is so successful, where is the proof? How can I trust that it really works for everyone? That’s why I chose Threelac, because I read tons of testimonials on it and those people are well, and have been for years.
I’m not saying this protocol doesn’t work. What I AM saying is that it feels pretty stupid to go through the tremendous effort and expense to do this for several months only to be back at square one again like everything else I’ve tried. I didn’t just do my strict diet (no sausage, no chicken, no half and half…I DID the Candida diet on your protocol last year for two months with NO benefit and I got sicker. No salad dressings, no sugars, no gluten, the WHOLE diet.) I actually found this diet last year and followed it once already. If two months aren’t enough for improvement and I get sicker, I can’t do it again. I HAVE to work.

If I sound negative it’s because I have just put in half a shift at work totally dizzy with brain fog and feeling AWFUL. I’m NOT in the mood to haggle about foods that don’t have carbs in favor of things that make me gag. There HAS to be a better way. I have to go back to work for another 6 hours and be dizzy and feel like crap.

So maybe two months wasn’t long enough, I don’t know….