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JaneneBean wrote: I did do coconut oil, it was the right kind and since I had a difficult time eating it by the spoonful because I gagged, I used it in cooking which now I know isn’t as effective if it’s cooked? Plus I DID use kefir as well. That’s where I got the idea for my diet was from this forum. And I was strictly on it for two months. I just got thin and sicker. I not only had my usual rectal yeast, but I got several other symptoms including low back pain, lethargy and leg cramps.
My budget? It’s laughable. I will probably only have less than $200 for the entire month after the bills are paid. Plus I need to buy some molybdenum and will need more probiotic soon. Just those two things will run probably $50. So shopping with about $32 a week for groceries? That’s what I’ve been up against for almost a year. I don’t qualify for food stamps either. I make about $50 a month too much to get them.
This just adds to my stress. Good luck if you can make a budget out of practically nothing.

I fully understand your frustration. I am on one paycheck with two kids I’m raising on it as well. I can barely make it when my ex sends alimony but when he doesn’t it is so hard. My paycheck pretty much goes to rent, utilities and nanny. I was getting angry, ill, desperate, all kinds of emotions. Not until my third month did I finally start to get well enough to say, “OK, I think this is working.” as I was going in cycles of feeling better, then worse etc. I thought I don’t have a bad infestation and actually planned to keep the diet for about a month of two hahahahaha. Well, joke’s on me.

My advice: add supplements slowly. As a beginning just cut out anything that could potentially feed candida, add some quality prebiotic food (just google it) to your diet and probiotic. Forget antifungals for now or do something cheap you find and use it as a start until you can afford more expensive stuff. Soon you will not need molybdenum or something else and then you shift your focus to something else you may benefit from. If you have anything else left out of your budget, get some vitamin/supplements as well.

Molybdenum you can find for around $6 or $7 a bottle on iherb. The physical store is much expensive (I know since my friend paid double that price in the store, have the receipt).