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I am highly sceptical that you ‘cured’ yourself in 2 weeks since you say you have gad a severe case for 10 years. The reason being is because it disagrees with everything that has been said on this forum as well as curezone.

It’s great that you’re feeling better, have no more symptoms as you say, but I’d be careful with beer and other foods because it is highly likely it can all come raging back.

In fact it is impossible to heal in 2 weeks all the organs you have mentioned. I cannot state this enough. If you suffer for such an amount of time, you would expect a proportionate amount of time to cure yourself.

Maybe there are things you haven’t mentioned, or you weren’t as severe as you thought, but the way you have described your case sounds improbable.

I’m not saying this to scare you, or argue, it just contradicts everything we’ve learnt about healing and curing.

Just to let you know, being acidic and having acidic digestive tract are 2 completely different things.
Your blood should be just about 7.15 on the pH scale. Under that, you are deemed “acidic”. Your digestive tract is exempt from this, and SHOULD be slightly acidic to digest food and kill pathogens. Bile is slightly alkaline, yes, but what do you think happens when it mixes with stomach acid? Hydrochloric acid from your stomach is pH 1.5-3.5, and bile is pH 7. When these mix and reach the duodenum, the juices become pH 5, still acidic. This is completely normal. In fact, where bile meets the digestive tract, it is in no contact with any candida, so it doesn’t kill it. Bile is not highly alkaline like you claim. Candida is found lining the lower small intestine and the cecum in the large intestine. By there, the digestive juices are getting neutralised.
If you take baking soda, you’re reducing the natural acidity of the intestines, interefering with digestion and the capacity for killing microorganisms. For a normal person it isn’t an issue, but for those with low stomach acid and hypothyroidism like a large majority of candida sufferers, it is not recommended.

There’s the science behind my statement. People confuse the 2 all the time, but this should give an indication of how important acidity is in the GI tract, and that it isn’t the same as being acidic in the whole of the body.