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I learned to love the garlic..It burned at first but then it didnt. I just chewed it and ate it. Followed by water. Kefir grains are alive culture I just fed them according to the instrustions from the lady who gave me some and told them how big they were and how I love them,they have there own blanket even hahah. The kefir recipes i will definatly share you have to get some grains first. Go on she works on the honest system. She sends you grains and instructions and trusts you’ll send the cash. Get fresh milk grains she also sells the scoby. The scoby also a live strand of probiotics that feed on sugar and then turn the tea/sugar to a fermented drink that assists in eating the candida not half as much as the kefir grains though. I will share my recipes for sure. Hope you get the grains and then when they work pass on gods medicine 🙂 Your grains will also mulptiply so you can give them to friends and family who want optimal health!!!! I give kefir to my animals even cause probiotics are good for everybody!!