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Hi guys,jorge what combination did u take to eliminate your ut fungal,Itraconzole 200 and lamasil or fluconazole 200,Hi guys its been hell for me for the past eight months,I was given antibiatics for h pylori ,which i nearly died ,i am a young guy with two kids 1 year and 4 year baby girls ,its been hel for me after the antibiatics i develop a uti antibiatics again ,it cler up the uti part but burning still remain,sometimes on the tip then the back of my penis and the beteen my and nus and testacle,all my test r normal,but i think i have a candida problem ,if jore u can help me bu just telling me wat to take or do or anybody in this forum can tell me or help i begg to ,u r saving two little babies girl here ,this this is taking my life away,its been six months now,i can deal with it any more,jorge guys is there a test for this candida ,please help me .