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Munoz wrote: Hi everybody, this week I started the SF722, I have no die-off symptoms ( Not that I miss them) but I don’t feel any difference at all, the diet is doing good and I am trying antifungals every week one different. Any comments are welcome.


Undecenoic/Undecylenic acid found in the SF-722 capsules from Thorne Research is the closest thing to an Rx antifungal. It is a good product and have been used by the pharma industry to make antifungal compounds such as Desenex. It is a short chain fatty acid very similar to another fatty acid that has shown the ability to disrupt candida albicans biofilm matrix. This may explain its effective activity as antifungal. 2 decenoic acid is found in Royal Jelly a product derived from Bee’s production , and 10 undecenoic acid is Castor Bean derived. See how they have similar names.
I am pretty sure it will help you, specially if combined with a fungicidal antifungal.