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Thomas wrote: Hi Jorge!

Very interesting info. But what shall I do now? I took GrapeFruitSeed Extract until I finished the bottle. Maybe it took me 3 weeks. Shall I now buy a new one and higher the dose? I didn’t buy a new bottle and are waiting for my SF722 i ordered. My plan was to take them until they are finished and then switch to Oil of oregano until that bottle is finished. I understand your info but I don’t get a battle plan idea out of it. Does it mean switching after such a short time is not good or switching at all.

What shall I do now?


If you have a sensitivity test, you can follow it, if not, what I will do is stick with the antifungals that have caused you “die-off”. It is a way to know they are working. Most MD who have treated candida agree the best way to combat this syndrome is taking multiples antifungals at the same time. At least two. It avoids treatment failure and you have more chance of having at least one of them working. If I were in your case, I will stop the GSE , and switch to Oregano Oil, Coconut Oil, and Olive Leaf Extract at the same time. Don’t take Oragano Oil long term, you can keep Olive Leaf and Coconut Oil more time. If your diet is an “smart” diet, it should be enough to give you relief. It all depend about your particular case. This syndrome has more than one face, and you mayn’t what is really the worse part for you. The response to a well planned treatment may tell you the road you have to take.

Good Luck,
PS: Since you have SF-722 on the way, you can use it together with Oregano Oil and Coconut Oil.