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kirstyk4 wrote: Changing the “antifungals” every week can be a big mistake if you don’t have supportive information.

Can you explain this more please. Thank you.


Yes, I will do for you.
Rotating the antifungals is a myth found in the web about how to treat this syndrome. It isn’t only a myth but a dangerous one.
Rotating antifungals actually builds up yeast strains that have multiple resistance mutations.
Microbes mutate at a rate of one in a million. This means that for every million of yeast cells, there will be one with a mutation in its DNA. It is a natural occurring process no matter if you are taking or not medications. During an infection there will be billions of yeast cells on the infected tissues, and the respective mutants. The way to eradicate those mutants is with a longer treatment and higher doses of an effective antimicrobial agent.
Susceptibility test is a MUST if you want to rotate antifungals. No all yeast strains and species are susceptible to all antifungal substances. For example, you chose Oregano Oil and Garlic. The effective antifungal substance in Oregano Oil is carvacrol, and in Garlic, allicin. If you chose Garlic the first week , and you are lucky it is effective, the yeast colonies will be dying, then the next week you switch to Oregano Oil, if the colonies are affecting you are also susceptible to carvacrol, you will be ok, but if not, those yeast colonies will recover using the stronger mutated cells (the survivors) Then, when you come back with Garlic again, those mutants will be stronger and resistant to it. In fact, rotating antimicrobial substances without a susceptibility test promote resistance and mutation. At the end, you will have a yeast infection resistant to multiples antifungals.

You have to be extremely careful with the ideas you find in the web.
See this Metametrix mycology sample test, and how yeast can be resistant to known natural or Rx compounds. How will you know that choosing antifungal products randomly they all will be effective against your fungal infestation ??

I hope this help you,