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Take fiber to heal your gut. You need to heal your gut as much as possible. Maybe look into digestive enzymes (grape bitters are one kind), molybdenum, probiotics, and calcium. B12 deficiencies are common. Do you have leaky gut?

If possible alternate your foods throughout the week and don’t eat the same thing everyday. Things that I really like include pumpkin muffins, coconut bread, special crackers, greek yogurt, eggs, etc. There are quite a few recipes on the forum and elsewhere that can spur up all sorts of ideas. Another idea is look into the special flours, such as coconut flour, almond meal, etc. Depending on where you are in your diet, you can perhaps start trying things like rice bran, oat bran (which help gut). There are all sorts of alternative foods to discover, you just got to spend time discovering them.

Are you still taking medication? How long are planning on continuing it if you are?
Any other medicines?

How is your sleep and energy? Are you drinking coffee? Are you fatigued all the time (this can be caused by adrenal fatigue)? There are ways to cure adrenal fatigue.

Can you afford to go to a naturopathic doctor?