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cintrix wrote: Hi, I’m on candida diet too. Unfortunately I don’t have time to cook. So my big problem is breakfast: I start working at 7 every morning and I wake up at 5.30. What can I eat? Anything ready? And also I bring something for midday breakfast, I use gluten yeast and wheat free with cheese spread..Can I eat this kind of cheese? And also..Can I eat (drink) milk? what can I have for breakfast?
Thank you for your help. It is my first diet and I don’t know anything about it.

You should start the day with protein. Boil your eggs the night before and eat as many as you need. Add a few pieces of toasted coconut bread and one avocado, and you have a perfect breakfast. You can find the coconut flour bread in the recipes.

You shouldn’t eat cheese of any type during your treatment; it will only feed the Candida extending the length of your treatment. The same goes for regular cow’s milk, try non-sweetened coconut milk instead or even goat’s milk, a lot of stores have started selling this including many of the Walmart chain stores.