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Javizy wrote:

As for the kefir, the forum protocol described it as being optional so I skipped it.

I will say that I’ve made great progress with the diet, but the beast has yet to be slain. If injecting some water and probiotics (or other all-natural stuff) into the colon speeds up this battle, then I’m all for it. So I’m gonna take up what I dub “the 2012 Jorge enema challenge” and see what happens.

The estimates for homemade kefir I’ve seen put the amount of CFUs per millilitre between 1-10 billion. It will typically contain well over 10 strains of probiotic bacteria and yeasts too. In addition, it’s possible to eat the grains themselves when they grow for even higher doses.

The guy who runs Dom’s Kefir Site claims to have reversed his colitis using kefir grain enemas too, so they must bring about quite a change in the ecology of the gut. I’ve heard scientists suggest taking probiotics this way, since it maximises delivery, but I don’t think I have the courage just yet to take the Jorge challenge…

Given the figures, the low cost of producing it, and the variety it adds to your diet, you can see why kefir comes highly recommended by Able and Raster. It’s well worth considering.

I’ll consider adding it, then.