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I just can’t see myself doing an enema. I’ve been pondering with the idea of colon hydrotherapy for weeks, but it seems like the risks outweigh the long-term benefits. Even the people in that thread mentioned digestion issues. As soon as you stop, you’re at risk of it all being in vain it seems. But then if you could remove firmly rooted biofilms and other stubborn crud that could’ve been festering for years, surely it’d be worth it?

What other options to we have to aid the process? Does regularly eating things like chia or flax seeds have any effect? Is there any research about removing old crud from the bowels? You’ll see it mentioned in any explanation of colon hydrotherapy, but is it actually true?

I’ve had a distended belly for almost a decade, and I really think this is what’s holding me back. I suppose I need to start making some decisions…