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So I have now done 3 enemas. It’s pretty easy. The first was practice to see what it’s like. The next day I did two more, with the first using a salt and baking soda combination, something others on the web have used. I followed that up with a probiotic enema. I had at least 15 strains, and around 200 billion CFU mixed into 8 ounces of distilled water, plus salt and baking soda again. I retained it for about 30 minutes. I probably could’ve retained it longer had I done an additional clean-out enema prior to it. Anyway, I did see some white stuff get expelled. Whether that was candida, or just stuff that was caked onto my colon for years, I know not. Either way, it’s good to get rid of it.

I will continue doing this to see how it goes.