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candida_sucks wrote: Jorge,

I’m going to try some enemas. I’ve been doing this diet for over 5 months, so I’m willing to try something new if it means finishing off the candida faster. As an “insert”, I may start with some probiotic powder like DDS-1 powder.

What’s your take on using Chlorella in enemas? And using Molkosan in enemas? Some of the people in curezone mentioned using those.

You had said in a different thread that you use distilled water, and add your other ingredients to that. Why not use saline?


I am glad you are going to try them. One thing, check the toilet to see what you find. When a person has an intestinal fungal overgrowth, you can see white threads with mucus and feces. Everybody reports it, there will be a moment where you began to feel better and better and see less threads with the enemas.

I am afraid of trying things in the colon, so I prefer the Nystatin or plain water. After all, your friendly flora is in the colon, then, trying substance that you don’t know what will do is risky.