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candida_sucks wrote:

I don’t like to experiment with many things doing enemas. Plain water or Nystatin diluted with water are the only thing that I feel safe. Don’t do enemas with anything that kill bacteria such as ACV, etc.


Have you ever done a sinus rinse with distilled water? It stings the mucus membranes (I tried it once). For this reason, makers of sinus rinses, like NeilMed, produce packets of salt and sodium bicarbonate to add to the water. The mixture makes it comfortable for the mucus membranes. Why do I bring this up? As you know, we have mucus membranes in the intestines as well. How do you know that you’re not irritating your colon with pure distilled-water enemas? I am not trying to convince you to use salt and sodium bicarbonate; I am merely offering up the topic for discussion. Is one mucus membrane just like the other? And therefore distilled water would irritate the colon? I can’t help but notice that the enema bottles made by Fleet or CVS contain a saline-like solution, as well.


When I use flee enema bottles, I don’t use the solution that comes with them. You are probably correct, but I don’t know exactly. My concern isn’t disturb the flora.