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cluckie97;51900 wrote: Raster,

I am eating the following:

breakfast – some egg whites, but have reaction to that
steel cut oats or brown rice cereal with almond milk

protein; chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork
nuts: almonds
tons of veggies
brown rice or quinoa occasionally

that’s it in a nut shell!

Rice should be consumed in stage three of the diet. Not at week two! Some for quinoa, which is a test food.
Almond milk is a good form of milk, but it is a test product. I’d start using it in stage 2. Drink kefir instead.
Do not eat beef and definitely not pork! Chicken, turkey and fish are good, but you should limit the chicken and turkey to twice a week. These have to be organic. Fish doesn’t have to be organic, but fatty fish tend to build up a lot of heavy metals (like mercury). Eat young, non fatty fish. There is no limit on organic fish.
Try some vegetarian alternatives like hemp seeds, buckwheat (test food), oat bran (also a test food), chlorella or spirulina.

PS: I had underweight before I started the diet. Maybe because my liver was completely broken.
I started to gain some weight after a few weeks (3 kg, which is not much, but at least I don’t have underweight any more).