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meerkat218;58095 wrote: I’ve been doing Nystatin retention enema in conjuction with a couple of rounds of water enema for 2 weeks, and it’s been working very well. Will update more details and progress later. I am truly grateful to those who have shared their knowledge on that subject!

– I’ve been wondering why foods that contain mold and yeast are known to aggravate candida infection. Candida don’t feed on other species of fungi, do they? (Sorry if this question was asked before!)

– Can coconut vinegar replace ACV? I am so tired of bland salad, but I don’t like the taste of ACV 🙁

– At the risk of sounding silly, how do candida end up in a vagina or on skin surface? My symtopms are vaginal infection and ezcema-like irritation on the back. I heard it has something to do with leaky gut syndrome, but I haven’t really experienced much discomfort in the abdomen area. And in reverse, how does cured intestines lead to improvements in other symtomps?

– I read in one of dvjorge’s posts that taking nystatin with oregano oil has synergy effect. Wonder what has similar effects and what shouldn’t be taken with nystatin.

Thanks a lot


Thanks for your update.
Molds don’t feed candida.
However, I do notice mold containing foods are usually avoided by yeast sufferers.

Coconut vinegar and ACV are both fine, try it out.

Its well documented that woman who suffer from chronic vaginal yeast infections almost ALWAYS have a yeast overgrowth in the intestines (mainly colon). This is sometimes referred to as the “reservoir” of yeast in the colon that directly causes the vaginal yeast infection. Often enough, removing the candida infection from the colon will cure the vaginal infection.

Jorge has posted lately on mixing curcumin with nystatin when doing retention enemas, but I will let him comment on that himself.